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110 watt hot drop led bulb F
110 watt hot drop led bulb F
110 watt hot drop led bulb F
110 watt hot drop led bulb F

110 watt hot drop led bulb F

The 110 Watt Warm Drop F Led Bulb provides warm light to the room with no waiting time, for guaranteed savings and long life.


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The 110 Watt Warm Drop F Led Bulb provides warm light to the room without waiting time, illuminating it and creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

With its 25000 thousand hours of service life, LED technology provides calculated savings of 80% for maximum output and long life. With its estimated lifespan of fifteen years, it warmly illuminates and lends a unique atmosphere to your home.

The power of led 

Compared with older incandescent technologies, the 110 Watt Warm Drop F Led Bulb allows high energy savings and intense brightness. It does not heat or emit infrared rays, safeguarding your health from the harmful effect of UV rays.

LED technology, from the acronym Light Emitting Diode, allows the 110-watt Warm Drop F bulb to last for a long time and it wears out slowly, thus eliminating the risk of bulbs suddenly burning out.

A light bulb to light up the world 

The 110 Watt Warm Drop F Led Bulb generates a wide spectrum of light and is environmentally friendly. By absorbing little energy from the power grid, it saves money and has a positive impact on the fate of the planet.

The Advantages of the Led Bulb 60 Watt Warm Drop F

  • Calculated saving of 80%
  • A warm light enveloping the room
  • Category F, for unprecedented savings

*The 110 Watt Warm Drop Led Bulb cannot be used with a dimmer and is not dimmable.

Data Sheet

Rated wattage / Power characteristic 16,0W
Nominal lamp power / rated lamp power 16,0W
Rated luminous flux / Rated luminous flux 1520lm
Nominal luminous flux / Characteristic luminous flux 1520lm
Rated lamp life time / Lamp life characteristic 25000h
Nominal life time / Rated lamp life 25000h
Lamp power factor (PF)/ Lamp power factor >0,5
Lumen maintenance factor at the end of the nominal life / Lumen maintenance factor at the end of the nominal life 0.8
Starting time(as X,X s) / Trigger time <1 s{{{wpml_tag_55}}}{{{wpml_tag_56}}} {{{wpml_tag_57}}}{{{wpml_tag_58}}}Switching cycles / cicli di accensione prima che si verifiche un guasto prematuro della lampada{{{wpml_tag_59}}}{{{wpml_tag_60}}}15000{{{wpml_tag_61}}}{{{wpml_tag_62}}} {{{wpml_tag_63}}}{{{wpml_tag_64}}}Colour temperatura / temperature colore{{{wpml_tag_65}}}{{{wpml_tag_66}}}3000K{{{wpml_tag_67}}}{{{wpml_tag_68}}} {{{wpml_tag_69}}}{{{wpml_tag_70}}}Warm-up time to 60%F / tempo di avvio fno al 60% della piena emissione luminosa{{{wpml_tag_71}}}{{{wpml_tag_72}}}piena luce istantanea{{{wpml_tag_73}}}{{{wpml_tag_74}}} {{{wpml_tag_75}}}{{{wpml_tag_76}}}lamp can not be dimmed / non e' possibile regolare la lampada{{{wpml_tag_77}}}{{{wpml_tag_78}}}{{{wpml_tag_79}}}{{{wpml_tag_80}}}{{{wpml_tag_81}}} {{{wpml_tag_82}}}{{{wpml_tag_83}}}Dimension / dimensioni lampada{{{wpml_tag_84}}}{{{wpml_tag_85}}}137mm x 70 mm{{{wpml_tag_86}}}{{{wpml_tag_87}}} {{{wpml_tag_88}}}{{{wpml_tag_89}}}Equivalent incandescent lamp power / Potenza lampada ad incandescenza equivalente{{{wpml_tag_90}}}{{{wpml_tag_91}}}100W{{{wpml_tag_92}}}{{{wpml_tag_93}}} {{{wpml_tag_94}}}{{{wpml_tag_95}}}colour rendering (CRI, Ra) / Resa dei colori{{{wpml_tag_96}}}{{{wpml_tag_97}}}>80
The explanation about WEEE symbol / explanation of WEEE symbol The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on the appliance indicates that the product, at the end of its useful life, since it must be treated separately from household waste, must be taken to a separate collection point for electrical and electronic equipment or returned to the retailer when a new equivalent appliance is purchased.
The proper separate collection of the equipment for subsequent recycling, treatment and environmentally compatible disposal contributes to avoiding possible negative effects on the environment and health and favours the recovery of the materials of which it is composed.
The user is responsible for returning the end-of-life equipment to the appropriate collection facilities. For more detailed information about available collection systems, please contact your local waste disposal service or the store where you purchased the product.
Anyone who abandons or trashes this equipment and does not return it to a separate collection point for electrical-electronic waste shall be punished by the administrative fine provided for in current legislation on the illegal disposal of waste.
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