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Microfiber bath cloth
Microfiber bath cloth

Microfiber bath cloth

The Bathroom Cloth removes stubborn traces of limescale and cleans your surfaces without leaving haloes or scratches.

Formato 23x17cm


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The Bathroom Cloth Cleaner is designed with a special microfiber that allows you to thoroughly clean the most hostile fixtures and corners of your bathroom.

Handy and highly absorbent, the microfiber bath cloth removes traces of lime scale and slows its appearance, degreasing dirt deep down. It gets into tile joints and hard-to-reach corners by absorbing liquids and removing mites and dust deposits.

Its composition enables it to nimbly penetrate the most hostile corners and thoroughly clean any surface.

The bathroom wipe removes dirt through intensive cleaning that will leave your bathroom looking its best. 

Microfiber technology ensures a long life span compared to traditional cloths: just wash the cloth and it will immediately return to its best performance. 

For you, your bathroom and the environment

Thanks to the bathroom wipe, you can safeguard the health of the planet. Designed to last as long as possible the bathroom wipe is reusable multiple times. Plus, with incredible cleaning power, you can avoid excess products and detergents, polluting less and saving more! 

The Advantages of Microfiber

  • Saving time in cleaning.
  • Cost saving (no detergent consumption required).
  • Respect for the environment.
  • No other cleaning products are recommended for use.
  • After use, rinse and wring well.

    • Hand washable up to 60°. The use of bleach or  fabric softener is not recommended. DO NOT IRON.


    Cloth: 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) – 310 gsm (grams per square meter) sponge inside cloth: 100% polyurethane

    Data Sheet

    PRACTICAL, SOFT AND SPONGY AT ITS INSIDE this cloth allows you to thoroughly clean bathroom fixtures, degrease and remove traces of lime scale.

    It provides exceptional absorbency precisely because of the internal sponge pad.


    • 23x17cm
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