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Microfiber parquet cloth
Microfiber parquet cloth
Microfiber parquet cloth

Microfiber parquet cloth

The parquet cloth cleaner is specifically for the wood on your floors, so you can have a clean result and a tidy home at all times-a gleaming parquet floor for your cozy home.

Formato 40x60cm


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The Parquet Cloth Cleaner is specifically for the wood on your floors, deep cleaning the most delicate surfaces.

Its soft microfiber texture allows dirt to be removed without scratching surfaces and protecting them from streaking. Its electrostatic power allows the parquet to be treated without the kindergarten of cleaning products: moisten and wring out the cloth well with just water, the parquet will be as good as new.

For a consistently clean parquet floor, it is recommended to always have two cloths with you:

  • The first damp cloth will deep clean the dust
  • The second, on the other hand, dries and polishes. For the best of results.

The parquet cleaner holds dirt and removes solid mite particles thanks to the electrostatic power of polyester. The parquet cloth cleaner guarantees a long service life compared to traditional cloths: just wash the cloth and it will immediately return to its best performance. 

A shiny parquet floor

With the parquet cleaner you will be able to:

  • Save time and easily remove dirt from hardwood floors.
  • Avoid excess cleaning products: to save money like never before.
  • Due to the long life of microfiber cloth, you safeguard the environment from unnecessary waste.

Gleaming parquet flooring for your cozy home.


  • Hand washable up to 60°. The use of bleach or  fabric softener is not recommended. DO NOT IRON.


100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) 270 gsm (grams per square meter)

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  • Thanks to its soft texture, it will not scratch or streak.
  • DRY: removes dust and polishes the parquet floor
  • It is recommended to wring out well and wipe wet even without the help of detergents. Tip for perfect, shiny floors over time
  • For a consistently clean and new palette, it is recommended to have two cloths:
    • wipe the first damp cloth to clean
    • use the second dry cloth to polish This way you will give more life to your hardwood floor!!!


  • 40x60cm
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